Headman: 15-18

Headman 15-18 features tracks from these years. Some released on albums and various Vinyl’s. Some versions are unreleased.

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A Year in Music Mixtape Robi Insinna: 1990

Here we go again. Next in line on our “A Year in Music Mixtape” series, based on our co-drivers favourite year in music, is the mighty Zurich-based producer, DJ and visual artist Robi Insinna. The mighty Industria and Relish label owner helped forge the early 2000’s disco-punk aesthetic with tracks such as “It Rough”, “B.S.W.D.” and many top notch remixes under his Headman/Manhead alias.


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INDUSTRIA #3 Compilation Limited Vinyl

INDUSTRIA Compilation #3 Limited Vinyl available now for pre-order on Diggers Factory. The Vinyl is scheduled to ship in June. It includes all unreleased tracks from Compilation #1 + #2, featuring The Lunacy Of Flowers (Robi Insinna Versions), SASM, Silent Servant Remix, Robi Insinna’s Hard Work 2020 Dub, Nik Colk Void Remix and some Dub versions. So if you wish to get these tracks on Vinyl you can pre-order it here:


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