Release Date: 2nd October 2020

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This is the first of a series of Headman collection of tracks. Some released on albums or various 12” singles, some unreleased and some remixed. It features tracks from the years 2001 – 2011.

It Rough Vocal is the original version which was featured on the first Headman album and it features vocals by Tara.

Everybody and Suspect are from the 2nd Headman album ON. These are the unreleased instrumental Versions.

Gimme feat Dieter Meier from legendary swiss band YELLO was originally released in 2009. This version is previously unreleased.

Blue Girls/ Blue Boys was released in 2010. Blue Girls features Geordies Retriever, the vocal version was released on the 12” single. Blue Boys Dub features Vocals by Dave Okumo from the London outfit The Invisible.

Private Show alternative and Dub were both featured on the homonymous 12” vinyl single. It features Vocals from Steve Mas (BetaBand/BlackAffair/KingBiscuitTime).

Fluctuation was released on 1923 Album from 2010.

Japan’s Adolescent Sex Cover Version was released as a Dub on Single in 2011.

Chicken Lips legendary remix of It Rough has been played on many dancefloors since it’s original release. It was nominated in german Groove Mag as part of the most important 50 dance/club tracks of all time.

Dreampieces feat Jez Kerr from legendary Mancunian Factory band A Certain Ratio and Dennis Young from NY’s Liquid Liquid. Remixed by Japanese Artist/Musician Zogamin.

Gimme feat Dieter Meier has been remixed by In Flagranti Kango Stein Massive and Dany Wang co-remixed on surreal stroll with Robi.

Fluctuation was retweaked by Italy’s Cécile and dfa/U.N.C.L.E. early contributor Tim Goldsworthy.

Canadas Edmonton finest Shout out…, remixed Assasin. Original released on 12” single in 2010.

Cosey’s R.D.C. Remixed Blue Girls and Oslo’s Chmmr (simmer) remixed Blue Boys. Last but not least London’s Andy Blake live reworked A.S. in a straight forward Punk Funk mode.

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