Release Date Bandcamp exclusive: 2nd April 2021

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Headman 15-18 features tracks from these years. Some released on albums and various Vinyls. Some versions are unreleased.

Dechainee (Borusiade Short Version) was originally released on limited edition 7” Vinyl, it features vocals by Justine. Work was a collaboration with Brassica and was remixed by Manfreadas for the 6 E.P. III 12” Vinyl. Dechainee Version is unreleased.Take me to the Dub (Version) was also released on 6 E.P.III Vinyl and features vocals by Bozzwell. Running Dub was part of the Catch Me rework album. Main Gates New Version is also unreleased. MR TC remixed Dechainee and it was released in 2016. Dreampieces Rework features vocals by Jeremy Kerr from A Certain Ratio, the legendary Factory band from Manchester. Number 9 was also reworked for 6 E.P.III Vinyl. Something Rework features vocals from David Shaw and was released in 2015.


  1. Headman – Dechainee (Borusiade Short Version)
  2. Headman feat Brassica – Work (Manfredas Remix feat. Autarkic)
  3. Headman – Dechainee (Version)
  4. Headman feat Bozzwell – Take me to the Dub (Version)
  5. Headman – Running Dub Rework
  6. Headman – Main Gates (New Version)
  7. Headman – Dechainee (MR TC Remix)
  8. Headman – Dreampieces Rework
  9. Headman – Number 9 Rework
  10. Headman feat David Shaw – Something Rework

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