Release Date: 7th December 2018
Format: Digital


Catch me was Headman’s 3rd album and was originally released on Gomma in 2008. 11 of the original tracks have been reworked by Robi. The release also features previously released Bonus tracks.

Catch Me showed a new development in the Headman sound. He fused his trademark Post-Punk productions style with a dose of Italo-Disco and some synth – pop.

The album also highlights the voice of Jeremy Kerr from legendary Manchester/Factory band A Certain Ratioon Dreampieces and Anton Spivac, who also added vocals to Moisture in the past, which was used in Xavier Dolans‘ Laurence Anyways movie in 2012. Tara from It Rough fame and Toronto’s Don Cash who himself released Music on Relish in the past. The rest of the tracks are Instrumental and fuse Robi’s influences more Dancefloor orientated. Bonus tracks feature Dennis Young of legendary NY band Liquid Liquid on additional percussion on Dreampieces alternative version and a Remix by Zongamin.

With this album Robi tried to bring new breath into his sound and the approach was to combine pop and dance music, breaking some barriers, mixing up indie vibes with an electro attitude and with a little bit of Bowie and Eno in it too!

The task of doing dance music that is not boring and bland for sure was not an easy one. Loads of analog Synths, instruments and equipment where used on Catch me, to give the tracks a very warm and analog feel.

1. Hostage Rework
2. Running Rework ft. Don Cash
3. Song 8 Rework
4. Dreampieces Rework ft. Jeremy Kerr (ACR)
5. Interlude
6. Catch Me Rework
7. Super Rework
8. Two Sisters Rework ft. Tara
9. New Rework
10. Come on Rework ft. Luca Santucci
11. Interlude Reprise Rework

Bonus Tracks:
1. Dreampieces alternative version
2. Dreampieces (Zongamin Remix)
3. Running Dub Rework

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