Release Date: November 23th 2009

Its not too often an artist is able to work with someone they idolize and has had influence on the music they produce. When you’re being interviewed alongside YELLO’s DIETER MEIER and conversation turns to the possibility of writing a song together, it’s an opportu- nity you make happen which ever way you can…

Apart from sharing the same homeland, better known for it’s chocolate and watches, the two Swiss stylistas share backgrounds in art. Dieter with his legendary electronic band YELLO and a love of filmmaking and Robi with his HEADMAN project and pop art inspired paintings and prints. The two also created music impacting underground dance , floors in their respective times, with tracks like Yello’s “Bostich” and Headman’s “It Rough”.

“Gimme” is the first single from the new Headman album (out March 08, 2010). The track has the classic Headman sound – inspired by the past but creating something new. It is a perfect mix of synths, boppy bass, old school drums and Dieter, veteran of the mic, adding his classic husky vocals, giving the track the perfect balance. The remix package contains a variety of mixes from the likes of IN FLAGRANTI with a choppy disco house mix. KANGO STEIN MASSIVE and his dream inspired “Autostrada Dei Laghi Mix” . The Notorious BANG GANG DEEJAYS coming through with a crazy Sydney dance floor remix and finally “The Surreal Stroll Remix” by ROBI INSINNA in collaboration with DANIEL WANG.

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