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Release Date Vinyl: 11th November 2016
Release Date Digital: 25th November 2016

DECHAINEE is the new single by Headman/Robi Insinna featuring vocalist Justine is Colette and remixes are by Borusiade and MR TC. The release comes with 2 videos directed by Robi Insinna. It will be released as limited edition 7“ Vinyl with screen printed Artwork, hand numbered and in digital format.

The concept of the release is that the video, artwork and the music all reflect each other. The video is like a light painting. It features slow long shots that produce a strange atmosphere evoking a cinematic paranoia and suspense.

The track was recorded in Berlin using old analog synths, sequencers and tape delay! Vocals are by french vocalist and producer Justine is Colette. She had several releases and just started her new band project called Bagarre Perdue. Her first vocal collaboration was the track „Insurrection“ with Heretic on Relish EPVI.

There are 2 versions by Cómeme’s Borusiade. One is exclusive for the limited edition 7“ vinyl release and the long version is included in the digital package. Born and raised in Bucharest she’s now residing in Berlin. Borusiade’s sound is often dark, with poignant bass lines, obsessive themes and by all means melodic.

The second remix is by MR TC, DJ and producer coming out of Glasgow where he’s been turning heads internationally with his own brand of raw and fearless analogue dance music. His first two EP’s ’Soundtrack for Strangers’ and ’Surf and Destroy’ found a home on JD Twitch’s Optimo Music imprint with further edits and remixes in the pipeline.

Tracklist Vinyl:
A. DECHAINEE (Vocal Version)
B. DECHAINEE (Borusiade Version)

Tracklist digital:
1. DECHAINEE (Vocal Version)
2. DECHAINEE (Dub Version)
3. DECHAINEE (Borusiade Long Version)

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