Robi Insinna is a Producer, DJ, Visual Artist and Relish Label owner. He also runs INDUSTRIA a multi-disciplined label combining different forms of artistic expression across music, artwork, fashion, video and products.

Back in 2001 he founded the seminal Relish label in direct response to a then-dominant sound in club music. It’s catalogue is as vast as it is varied and foreshadowing the music
he’d go on to make himself under Headman/Manhead. Highlights are IT ROUGH, Birth School Work Death, later on, Be Loved and Dechainee. He also was busy remixing the likes of Roxy Music, The Gossip, Franz Ferdinand, The Units, Unknown Cases, Vox Low and many more. Relish has also been busy releasing international talents and
remixes such as Daniel Avery, Red Axes, Borusiade and Manfredas. The end of 2019
saw the release of Relish 100 Compilation which marks the 100th release and features
all new and exclusive tracks and remixes.

On the more Art side of things Robi is busy with INDUSTRIA Limited exhibition and product development. The last exhibition was held in Zürich from 5.9.-12.9 2019 showing a mix of clothes, paintings, screen-prints, visuals and various products.

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