Release Date: May 3rd 2010

Headman returns with a brand new astonishing album: 1923. After releasing 3 albums on Gomma, he returns with this new record on his own label Relish. This marks the start of a new era for Robi Insinna, the man behind the Headman guise.

It’s an incredible work of art – ten tracks of pure gold that show and highlight the rich talent at work here. The forward-thinking, evolving sound of a true artist. It bridges the different sonic worlds Robi has created for himself over the years. From Headman and Manhead over the last decade this Swiss-born musical genius has been at the forefront of dance music. Equally at home in techno clubs as he is in disco environments, Robi has developed his repertoire and this album is a new high watermark for his talents. Everything from techno to post-punk, disco and pop are in some way evident in these ten recordings, which holds together as a body of work unlike anything he has done before.

A stellar selection of guests include the one and only Dieter Meier of Yello, Steve Mason of Beta Band and King Biscuit Time, Katrina Noorbergen of Australia’s Cassette Kids and Tara who worked with Robi on Cath Me, It Rough, and On and On. The next single to drop will be Private Show, set for release on 19th April in the UK.

From his remixes for Franz Ferdinand, The Gossip, Roxy Music, Zombie Nation and Inflagranti, to his worldwide popularity as a DJ, Headman continues to tour his diverse talents across the world spanning from hard hitting dancefloor tracks to slowed down disco; skilfully winding you through all that falls between.

Robi is also heavily involved in the artwork and visual elements of Headman and the Relish label. He designs all artwork and plans are afoot to feature this within a Relish exhibition. Working between Zurich and Berlin, Robi has plans for pop up shops to accompany his album release, showing his art, prints and shirts. Look out for more news soon.

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