Release Date: 5th February 2021

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Relish Compilation VII features tracks and remixes by Aheadacheaday, Eliezer with Zillas on Acid and Dangur, M Love, Headman, Mufti feat. Vongold, Franz & Shape and Modular Project.

The Compilation starts off with Alberto de Angeli aka Aheadacheaday. A dark slow motion synth laden track with Burundi beat undertones. Tel Aviv’s Eliezer collaborated with Zillas on Acid on Anna Bella. The vocals are by Isadora. The song is trippy, hypnotic and percussive.

M Love’s Price is his third release on Relish. New World was featured on REPIX. New Wave and Krautrock infused techno for the momentarily absent dancefloors.This time a bit harder and less melodic. Devoleb is a new Headman track. The original idea was to rework an old track, but while working on it something new came out. The track is an example of Post Punk Disco, 808 drummachines and Basslines that reminds one of Motorik retro futurist funk. Crimson is by Eliezer and Dangur with again vocals from Isadora. This version is a bit more uptempo, again with a tribal nearly ethnic feel with guitars and percussion that slide in and out dubbing everything. Mufti feat. Vongold contributed already on REPXI. False Guru has a similar Mexican underground vibe, dark arpeggio synths, driving drums and mystic vocals by Vongold.

Headman’s Be Loved original version was released in 2011. First remixed by Daniel Avery on the homonymous single. Modular Project remixed the version again and turned it into a high energy dark Giorgio Moroder-esque interpretation keeping loads of sounds and the poppy vocals from the original. Franz & Shape who have been part of Relish since the early days contributed N.u.m.b.. The vocals are by Matt Southall from the UK band Officers. The remix is by Croatian electronica producer Petar Dundov. He added vocoders and gave a nice retro-italo feel to the original version. He added vocoders and gave a nice retro-italo feel to the original version.


  1. AHEADACHEADAY – Night Shift
  2. ELIEZER × Zillas On Acid feat. ISADORA – Anna Bella
  3. M Love – Price
  4. Headman – Devoleb
  5. ELIEZER × Dangur feat. ISADORA – Crimson
  6. Mufti feat. Vongold – False Guru
  7. Headman – Be Loved (Modular Project Remix)
  8. Franz & Shape feat. Matt Southall – N.u.m.b. (Petar Dundov Remix)
  9. Headman – Be Loved (Modular Project Instrumental)

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